Continuing Education Courses

Broker POST License Courses    30 Hrs.
Newly licensed Brokers ( those licensed between February 1, 2014 and February 1, 2016) must take these two courses to renew their Brokers  license prior to their April 30,2016 broker license renewal deadline. Enroll in our Combo Course, 15 hrs. taken by Independent Study and 15  hrs. by Classroom. Click the buttons on the right for additional information and to enroll.

Broker Continuing Education   12hrs

Licensed Real Estate Brokers ( those licensed as a salesperson or broker prior to  February 1, 2014) must take 12 hrs of continuing education to renew their Brokers license prior to the April 30,2016 deadline.   REEC has teamed up with the Inland Real Estate School to offer this unique Independent study Program complete with online e-tools to make the class enjoyable and interactive. When you have completed the course work contact us to arrange for your proctored CE final exam.

Managing Broker Continuing Education   24 Hrs
6 Hrs/12 Hrs and  the 12 Hr Broker Management Course

These are the courses and the information on exactly who needs what  and how you can satisfy the continuing education requirements for Managing Broker in order to renew your Managing Broker license by April 30, 2017.  Click the buttons on the right for additional information and to enroll.
Leasing Agents Continuing Education Courses    6 hrs
These are the courses  that  Illinois Leasing Agents must complete by June 30 2016 to renew their leasing agent license. Click the buttons on the right for additional  information and to enroll.
                 6 Hr. Package