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75 Hr. Illinois Real Estate Broker Pre-License Course

Our 75 Hr. Broker pre-licensing course is designed to fulfill the necessary course requirements and prepare you for the Illinois broker licensing exam.

This course has two parts:

  1. 60 Hr. Broker Pre-License Topics Course

  2. 15 Hr. Applied Principles - Interactive Course


75 Hr. Broker Pre-license LIVE Webinar Programs $650.00

Our LIVE webinar program meets via Zoom. We offer a few options

so that you can decide if morning, afternoon, or evening classes

work best for you.

In this course, you’ll attend 25 classes: 20 Topics Classes

and 5 Applied Classes. Each class is 3 hours.

You will meet in a live virtual classroom with other students. Your

class instructor will guide and provide you with the information

that will help prepare you to pass the state exam. You will have full

video and audio access to the instructor’s lectures as well as

all the various resources they will be using in each of the class sessions.

As you attend the course, your instructor will present and reinforce

concepts in real-time from the course textbook and other course

learning tools and applications. These will help you master all the

course topics and will prepare you to confidentially sit for your state

exam. You may actively participate with any questions you might

have as you proceed through the course. Tech staff will always be

on hand to resolve any problems you might run into.

Your one-on-one instructor is also available by phone, text message,

or email throughout the course.

Our student’s history of success at the state exam is unmatched,

and we will continue to work with you from the time your class starts

until you successfully pass your state exam!

Next Session

Class will start on Weds. Sept. 7th at 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. (Central Time). 

We'll meet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For 10 weeks. For a total of 25 - three hour sessions.

How This Works !!

When you enroll you will receive an immediate confirmation of details about the course include specific class dates and  times as well as an internet link with easy to follow directions on how you will  access and enter the webinar sessions. Your course textbook will be sent by mail.

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