Illinois Broker Examination Preparation

Features & Benefits

  • With ExamSmart, you get approximately 400 - 500 simulated AMP Illinois State broker lisence exam practice questions to help you pass the exam on the first try. 

  • What makes us different? We are the only real estate exam prep course that provides explanations for both correct and incorrect answers. 

  • You’ll understand the rationale behind each answer, which is the key to passing the exam. 

  • We prepare you for the national portion of the AMP versions of the real estate exam. 

  • In addition, we have sample simulations to help prepare you for the AMP simulation exam as well as Illinois State Law questions.

  • Our experts have over 35 years of real estate education experience, writes all of our original material. The practice questions are frequently updated to maintain relevance and similarity to the current version of the exam.

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